🌤 Today's weather, compared to yesterday's

In a single, friendly sentence

Yesterday's Weather is a "first principles" weather app. What do you really want to know when you open your weather app? What's the most effective way to convey that information?

We use a light algorithm to weight the impact of different weather conditions, and we summarize the important details in one sentence, relative to yesterday.

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"Feels like" temps

The "feels like" temperature is the only temperature that matters.

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Wind, rain, and clouds

Temperature isn't the only factor in how it feels outside. We include additional details when they matter.

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Privacy matters

Share your location, or just type a zipcode. Either way, we never collect your data or save any of your information on our servers.

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Privacy Policy

The iOS app, Android app, and web app all ask for your location information to find your weather data. This information is never stored or saved on any of our servers. Your location data may be saved on your device, however, through the native apps.